We can make it a two time thing

Entre A Mi Mundo (Welcome to my world) this is my personal blog, where I will post my fics and all things Nayanna Quinntana Rivergron. You might know me as the lovely Nayanna Rivergron on FF.net I ship Quinntana and Nayanna Rivergron hardcore. English is not my first language it's Spanish. So I may be getting a little bilingual with it. I live a Naya Rivera appreciation life, I regret nothing!!!

I am always up to meeting new people, so don't be shy and drop by just to say hola. I don't bite and as sweet as flan. Gracias y mucho amor.

*Not a Brittana or a Faberry blog*

(but I am very welcoming, you will find no hate here. I love everyone)

♥ u messy, but not wrong♥

*We are the only ship in the fandom with a First and Last name!*

@DiannaAgron Waking up for work at 3:30 AM today was a first. Oh my stars…

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I have a little bit of free time on my hands and started working on chapter 33 of Santana’s Crush. I haven’t forgotten about it. Here is a little snippet for those who are following it….

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Swan Queen scenes from Once Upon a Time 4x03


frozen swan > swan queen


if u weren’t in the glee fandom from 2009-2012 then u can’t possibly understand… u have no idea… what it is like… what i’ve overcome… u have no fucking clue

exactly…even though I stopped watching after season 3 I still watched some episodes that featured Santana of course!!!

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Naya and the Unholy Trinity in In Touch mag and Star mag respectively