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Entre A Mi Mundo (Welcome to my world) this is my personal blog, where I will post my fics and all things Nayanna Quinntana Rivergron. You might know me as the lovely Nayanna Rivergron on FF.net I ship Quinntana and Nayanna Rivergron hardcore. English is not my first language it's Spanish. So I may be getting a little bilingual with it. I live a Naya Rivera appreciation life, I regret nothing!!!

I am always up to meeting new people, so don't be shy and drop by just to say hola. I don't bite and as sweet as flan. Gracias y mucho amor.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Naya and Dianna are not friends anymore????????
forevernayanna forevernayanna Said:

I am not them so idk.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
i really wish that there would be a quinntana scene in the 100th episode, out of all ships i feel like quinntana is taken for granted when they look so awesome together, Naya and Dianna have amazing chemistry but there is less quinntana love in the glee world dont you think so?
forevernayanna forevernayanna Said:

hello anon,

I was terribly disappointed at the lack of Quinntana. I thought they would at least mention their Valentine’s Day hook-up. I wish we could have more quinntana, but we are stuck with Brittana. my little shipper heart still ships them forever :)


Santana’s scenes in 5x03 - The Quarterback

Episode 5.03 “The Quarterback”

  • Kurtana Auditorium Scene

Forever in our hearts.


Forever in our hearts.

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