We can make it a two time thing

Entre A Mi Mundo (Welcome to my world) this is my personal blog, where I will post my fics and all things Nayanna Quinntana Rivergron. You might know me as the lovely Nayanna Rivergron on FF.net I ship Quinntana and Nayanna Rivergron hardcore. English is not my first language it's Spanish. So I may be getting a little bilingual with it. I live a Naya Rivera appreciation life, I regret nothing!!!

I am always up to meeting new people, so don't be shy and drop by just to say hola. I don't bite and as sweet as flan. Gracias y mucho amor.

*Not a Brittana or a Faberry blog*

(but I am very welcoming, you will find no hate here. I love everyone)

♥ u messy, but not wrong♥

*We are the only ship in the fandom with a First and Last name!*
  • My Daughter: Mommy? I thought Brittany and Santana were a couple
  • Me: They are
  • My Daughter: I don't want her with Brittany, she belongs with Quinn
  • Me *raise eyebrow* Why?
  • My daughter: because just look at them, they get each other, and the only reason why they fought so much is because they were fighting attraction, and friends don't hold friends like that
  • Me: How did you get to be so smart?
  • My daughter: I have you for a mommy and I have awesome gaydar
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